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 We are a green energy development company focused on refurbishing, modernizing, and automating aging small hydroelectric plants across North America.

Our brand of ‘Responsible Refurbishment’ allows us to invest in communities where our projects produce net positive environmental, community, and economic benefit.

About What We Do

Business Opportunities


We purchase small Hydroelectric Assets and partner with asset Owners to develop business opportunities by developing, financing, and executing Responsible Refurbishment projects

Responsible Refurbishment


Responsible Refurbishment involves science, standards, and processes that guide development and design to projects that achieve net positive outcomes for environmental, community, cultural and business stakeholders

Environmental Science


We study the History and Science of the river system and engage environmental scientists to assist in developing scope for net positive environmental impact planning and monitoring

Technology and Engineering


GreenQuest Power brings advanced technology and engineering to their projects ensuring refurbished hydroelectric plants meet the highest standard of operational capability and sustainability

Project Execution


Projects and refurbished plant operations are held in Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), as separate corporate entities. Our management and project teams are experienced in the development setup and execution of large complex projects



GreenQuest Power and partners operate the highly automated refurbished hydroelectric plants. Our technical and services partners are responsive and effective, ensuring the long term efficient operation of hydroelectric projects around the world

About our Leadership

Kevin Mullen, CEO


A skilled and experienced Finance Executive whose skill set includes designing and implementing strategies for finance, operations, reporting, and business model enhancements.  Kevin developed his broad skill set as an executive consultant, contracting to client companies across many industries.


The GreenQuest Leadership team includes Kevin Mullen and Vince Mullen, the two founders of the company. Each of them has a wealth of experience and a history of success.

Vince Mullen, President & COO


A Leader of large complex projects and geographically dispersed operational teams, Vince combines technical savvy with business acumen to make successes of challenging international engineering and construction projects and programs.